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November has arrived once again and, in my part of the world, that means the sun has ratcheted up its power ... but I know for many of you it means quite the opposite! And, looking at today's date, for those of you with some UK background I hope you survived your 5th of November fireworks last night if that's your thing?!

And so Chameleon Brain enters its second month of life and in this week's Blog Post I ask the question 'Am I My Brain Profile' ... a question that often comes my way in one form or another when someone first gets their Brain Profile done. Rightly so, people don't like being boxed in by some profiling tool and so it's a great question to ask!

This post is a cross over between Brain Profiling and GTD ... please have a read and let me know your thoughts on the topic by leaving some comments!

Thank you!


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Am I My Brain Profile?

A question that often arises when discussing Brain Profiles is the degree to which your profile defines your every moment. Is it, for instance, something that sets forth the pattern of your behaviour in a day in a manner that will be immediately obvious to everyone around you? Or is it something that plays out over time, not necessarily obvious in every …

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And if you missed the previous post linked to Brain Profiling, in which I unpack my own profile for you, see below.

Brain Profiling - Who Wants To Go First?

Brain Profiling - Who Wants To Go First?

OK, someone has to go first ... so here's my '4 Quadrant Brain Profile'. And if you need a reminder about what the 4 Quadrants indicate, check the image below or the Introduction To Thinking Preferences article: And if you're not familiar with the terminology, a check of the above images will indicate the simple approach to identifying any particular quadrant …

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