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It's been great to see people signing up for the Chameleon Brain newsletters these past three weeks and clearly some of you have shared these with friends or colleagues ... for which I thank you! And of course, as I try to expand the readership I'd really appreciate any help you can provide by sharing the newsletters and the site address through email or social media ... OK, subtle hints over!

First news this week is that I've worked further on the security of the site and have now opened up the ability for you to add comments on the various blog posts without the need for you to sign up as a registered user of the site. So this will make it a lot easier to now leave your views / experiences on the post's topics ... oops, another subtle hint! But seriously, I'd love to hear your views :-)

And while we're on the subject of being subtle, this week's blog post actually takes a not-so-subtle look at the effect our comfort zones have on us and encourages you to play a little, every day ... nothing difficult ... but something that yields enormous results ... and so the Chameleon Brain Blog takes it first venture into a post that borders simultaneously on the areas of personal productivity & creativity. I'd love for you to have a read of it ... so please check the link below.

Oh, and let me know through the comments if you accept the challenge!

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Our Latest Blog Post!

creativity comfortable worker

Sitting Comfortably? That's a Pity!

There's no such thing as a one size fits all approach to how we live our lives. We're all different people with differing likes and dislikes and so, stipulating a single way to do anything is pretty much pointless. What works for me won't necessarily work for you, I get that. But, have you ever thought about what REALLY works for …

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For this you no longer need to register as a user on the site and, after reading a post, you can now directly add your comments. I hope you will find this an easier way to interact with the site.

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